HVFC Hall of Honour

Hughenden Valley Hall of Honour

There are so many people that have contributed to the success of this club over many, many years.

Every matchday, every training session, is the result of many unsung heroes. Whilst the vast majority of this goes unnoticed by most, we should continue to recognise those that go above and beyond expectation.

That is why our new committee have decided to launch a new award that recognises OUTSTANDING and EXCEPTIONAL contribution to this football club. This new award stands as the highest honour we can bestow upon any member, player, or supporter.

The Hughenden Valley Football Club Hall of Honour will recognise those that have gone above and beyond, those that live and breathe HVFC, and we are delighted to say that the first member of this exclusive new club will be none other than Neil Bellamy.

Neil has been with the club for 38 years since he was 9.  He has played in every position on the pitch and his commitment extended to successfully fulfilling the treasurer role and, for the last ten years, the role of Chairman.

Thank you Neil, from everyone associated with the club, for such extraordinary effort and passion, all in the name of grass roots football.